Supporting self-care by building an international network of accessible, wholistic wellness education centers.

Haven for Humanity is dedicated to helping you create a life of natural health and happiness by making your self-care easier, simpler, and more accessible, so you have the tools, skills, and knowledge you need, to build the life of your dreams.


Affordability - We believe healthier options shouldn't be more expensive than traditional options, so we use your donations to help make these products and services more affordable for everyone.

Location - We know it can feel like there's nowhere to go for support sometimes, so we use your donations to open Haven Centers in communities all around the world, to help everyone live a healthy lifestyle.


If self-care looks different for everyone, how do you know what your self-care should look like? We use your donations to create free educational content that makes self-care easy and simple.


We know it will take a long time to build Haven Centers all around the world, so to make sure we can still help as many people as we can, we are using your donations to create an online library of fun and interesting self-care content, that you can watch anytime.


Community can be a great thing, but we have a lot of communities around unhealthy habits, so we are using your donations to cultivate a community of people seeking a more natural, self-care approach to life.

Haven for Humanity is a grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization that gets 100% of its funding from real people just like you.

We are dedicated to providing everyone with valuable services that help them live a healthier life.

Wholistic Self-Care

Caring for ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

Healthy Community

Building nonviolent beloved community around healthy habits

Environmental Stewardship

Caring for the Earth that cares for us all

Education & Advocacy

Putting your health towards a cause you believe in

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