Fare Haven: Community Deli

Fare Haven: Community Deli


Community outreach center for Camp Haven. Designed to be affordable and provide a service for the local community. The highest quality food and beverage Health and nature oriented marketplace, apothecary, farmer's market, wholesale food store, thrift/barter shop, slow juices, vacuum smoothies, teas and coffees, small plates featuring organic, local & seasonal ingredients (partnerships with local farmers), classes and workshops, indoor/outdoor seating, salad bar, broth bar, pay-from-the-heart menu options


To support those looking to live healthy and happy lives.


To inspire humanity to choose healthier and more sustainable food and lifestyle products


To see a whole community of artisans utilizing the marketplace, the entire community constantly in and out of the shop spending time there as a second home while learning about health and their environment as well as local farmers and producers competing for the lowest prices to be able to sell more volume to loyal customers.