Haven for Humanity -501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
Established 2015
Livingston Manor, New York

Our central Outreach Team is currently located in Sullivan County NY, rated number 61 of 62 for positive health outcomes in New York State. Haven for Humanity's plan is to get healthy, affordable foods to the people who need it most and let nature do the rest.

Maya Kovalyov


Haven Staff

Reiki Master/Teacher


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Samuel Kovalyov

Executive Director

Haven Staff

Natural Hygienist

Alexander Kovalyov

Haven Staff

Pain Management Specialist


Our Mission

There are many ways to join our cause here at Haven. From joining our Cooperative Volunteer Program and living with us here at Haven Catskills Campground, to participating in our Volunteer Corps. or Haven Ambassador Program.

To inspire humanity towards a symbiotic relationship with Nature. Our aim is to develop community-sponsored, neighborhood support organizations that can be recreated and established in any intentional-community around the world

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Frederick Kovalyov

Financial Director

Haven Staff

Functional Fitness Expert

Noel Steffens

Haven Staff

Music Aficionado

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Our aim is to create safe, symbiotic environments where each individual's health and well-being is a top priority. Come visit Haven Catskills Campground for a one hour guided tour of the off-grid Haven Complex (by appointment only) or for a more immersive experience, book your stay at our all-inclusive Tentrr campsiteHelp shape the future the way Mother Nature intended it - contact us today.