Haven Catskills Campground 

317 Mud Pond Road 

Livingston Manor, NY


United States


Phone:        (845) 807-7407

E-mail: contact@havenforhumanity.org

The members of the Cooperative Volunteer Program (CVP) are otherwise known as "Haven Staff" and are active volunteers choosing to live on-site at Haven Catskills Campground, and run the business-side of Haven for Humanity. In return for food and a peaceful coexistence with the rest of the village, the volunteers give back their free-time in service to the community. The volunteers that created Haven for Humanity have developed the Cooperative Volunteer Standards document which holds all Haven Staff accountable for putting their own health and well-being as a top priority, and outlines exactly what is expected of a CVP member. (Coming Soon!)

The members of Haven's ​Volunteer Corps ​are devoted, ambitious, resilient, and generous. Teams of volunteers dedicated to the stewardship of our shared planet will combine forces to tackle real-world problems facing the needs of the human race. Everything from making food production and distribution more sustainable, to installing renewable energy systems for farmers and gardeners, to providing time and energy where the community needs it most, there is nothing that is too big for our Volunteer Corps.

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The Haven Ambassador Program allows you to volunteer for Haven for Humanity by providing consistent promotion and outreach from the comfort of your own home. Work to actively engage the public to get involved in their future, their well-being and Haven Programs. Have the option of creating unique, non-profit Haven Programs in your area! Work with Haven Staff to develop your own programs based upon our three tenets of symbiotic living.

Haven for Humanity -501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
Established 2015
Livingston Manor, New York

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