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  • Advocates & Activists
  • Cultural Artists

  • Gardeners & Farmers
  • Off-The-Grid Enthusiasts
  • Holistic and Integrative Healers
  • Builders, Artisans, Handy People
  • Elderly Seeking Community
  • Healthy Food Lovers
  • Nature Enthusiasts
  • Youth Seeking Community
  • Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids

Where Do My donations Go?

Every dollar that Haven receives is reinvested into the non-profit structure of Haven for Humanity. Our top executives receive no financial compensation for their work with individuals and communities in the name of Haven for Humanity. We believe that your money is hard-earned and valuable, so the donations we receive are treated with the utmost respect and gratitude. Every penny we are given is a vote for healthy, peaceful and sustainable business practices. Haven for Humanity uses its Guiding Tenets to create educational community projects which provide sustainable and ethical jobs, as well as produce high-quality goods and services, based on the needs of the local community. Every penny we get is a vote for justice. Every penny we get brings us closer to a cultural identity that we can be proud of and a future that is built on abundant renewable resources. Every penny we get is a vote to prevent and reverse disease, to protect those we love, and to be a part of a sustainable, peaceful, healthy and loving world. You can let Haven Staff decide how to best prioritize your contributions, or you can restrict your contribution to be used for a specific Haven Program.

​Our Team

​Haven for Humanity is dedicated to truth, peace and transparency throughout everything we do. Our team has over 40 years experience in entrepreneurship and business management, over 30 years experience in natural well-being and over 20 years experience working with renewable energy technologies and sustainable lifestyle systems. Together, we strive to utilize biomimicry, the science of emulating natural systems, to strategically restructure man-made systems and infrastructures for the benefit of all beings. Haven is founded and administered by individuals following a minimalist, integrative lifestyle, in order to keep our team happy, healthy and productive for our community. We are proud to be 100% open-source and are glad to provide any information about our organization and our operations. Click to learn more!

GUIDING principles


It is not enough to care for the sick, without educating the healthy. It is not enough to care for others, without caring for one's self. To create true health care, we must identify and understand how nature intended for us to create and maintain our health.

Inspired By
Douglas Graham
Herbert Shelton
Joshua Rosenthal
Michael Greger - Nutritionfacts.org


The same light that shines upon me must also shine upon my neighbor. Therefor, I cannot care for myself without also caring for my neighbor. In this way, the happier and healthier my neighbor is, the happier and healthier we all are.

Inspired By
Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi
Martin Luther King Junior
URI Center for Peace and Nonviolence Studies


Our environment determines our potential. If we want to increase our potential we must design a system which cares for our environment. If we want to care for ourselves and our loved ones, we must care for our environment. The more work we do to care for our environment, the less work we have to do to care for ourselves.

Inspired By
Buckminster Fuller
Nikola Tesla
Rudolph Steiner

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Haven for Humanity 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
Established 2015
Livingston Manor, New York

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To inspire harmony with Nature, through educational community projects, services and events.

What is our solution?

Haven strives to incorporate hands-on, experiential education with philosophy and "integrative design", into every Haven Project. We also work to provide educational materials, events, classes and workshops for all-ages, which build upon Haven's Tenets. We aim to use "integrative design" to solve immediate crises in a community, and provide the proper education to illustrate why and how the crisis occurred, and how we can work together to prevent it from ever happening again.

Anyone can come up with projects and programs to help locals in need and Haven is here to make these ideas come to life in a way that is sustainable and educational. This could mean providing artisans with a place to sell their sustainable goods, healers with a place to perform their healing arts, or health chefs with a kitchen to feed the needy. It could mean providing a safe space for you and your friends to gather, take a class, do artwork or play music. It could also mean assisting community members with funding opportunities for their community support ventures or using renewable energy to make existing businesses more environmentally friendly. The possibilities are truly endless.

We aim to provide the resources to turn great ideas, into sustainable non-profit ventures that benefit everyone in the community. All the while educating volunteers, employees and interested community members of all-ages in the ways of integrative well-being, beloved community and global sustainability. Click to read more!

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What is Our Mission?

To inspire harmony with Nature, through educational community projects, services and events.

The more we cooperate and integrate together harmoniously, the more of a synergy we will experience, where our combined efforts will improve the quality of all of our lives far beyond what any one of us could accomplish alone.

What is the problem?

There are preventable crises happening all around the globe today in the fields of well-being, community and sustainability. The health crises are seen in increasing morbidity rates of our elderly and decreasing lifespan and vitality of our youth. The community crises are seen in increasing suicide and depression rates around the globe and lack of connection to and disintegration of, our bioregional cultures. The sustainability crises can be seen in the exponentially increasing levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and visible smog in our cities, as well as the obvious prevention of renewable energy technologies from becoming norms in our commonly used appliances. Haven for Humanity believes that these crises are all symbiotic and that if we want to work to fix one crises, we must work to fix them all by targeting the root cause; lack of integrative education.





In a Nut-shell...

Haven for Humanity is a growing grassroots educational non-profit organization working towards environmental, social and humanitarian justice through inspirational education of integrative well-being, beloved community and global sustainability. In short, we are here to positively effect the world by bringing Nature into people's everyday lives, and are working to give people an understanding of the broader interconnection our lives and actions have.

Who has the problem?

While people all around the globe are experiencing similar crises, we would like to use this section to talk specifically about the home of our headquarters here in Sullivan County NY. Sullivan County is rated number 61 of 62 in positive health outcomes for all of New York state in 2018. There is heavy alcohol and drug use over the entire county with overdose death tolls higher than ever before. Areas in Sullivan are considered "Food Deserts" by the USDA because of little or no access to affordable, healthy food. Ever increasing taxes along with high utility and grocery bills, makes it impossible for people to break out of poverty or spend their time doing anything but working. The best things for us have become the hardest to acquire, and the worst things for us have become as readily available as dirt. Haven is here to target the cause of the issue by providing the integrative education required to not only stop current crises, but prevent their recurrence in the future.

Haven financials

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