Garden Updates 7/30/18

New community garden beds will host a lush abundance of food next year.

We still have a lot of work to do on the community garden beds but they are getting there! They are hugelkultur beds that start with tree trunks buried 2-feet underground, then layered with native soil, compost, mulch, and leaves. This creates a rich and fertile bed that is warm and ready for native worms and bacteria to populate. The logs underneath eventually soak through and create a water reservoir that the plants can tap into in times of drought. These beds can be rented by interested individuals who want to experiment with growing their own food. They will also be used as starting beds to get plants strong enough before moving into the Community Food Forest. We are hoping to finish prepping this year and have them planted early next year.

Hi Alex! Setting up these beds means sifting lots and lots of dirt. But we don't mind! :)

Sifting the native soil to get the rocks out is a tedious process but can be quite peaceful and enjoyable, not to mention that there are bacteria in soil which, when absorbed through the skin, increase serotonin levels.

The new storage shed is just awesome sauce.

This shelter is metal frame with a plastic cover by Shelter Logic. It costs $280 and is 10'x15'. We love it, and so does the cat.

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