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Established 2015
Livingston Manor, New York

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At Haven, we are committed to community support and integrative education. The main purpose of Haven is to create "Haven Projects" which follow our "Guiding Tenets" and bring us closer to harmony with Nature. Our "Guiding Tenets" can be boiled down to 3 things, integrative well-being, beloved community and global sustainability. Haven for Humanity's goal is to use "design science" to create cooperative partnerships with inspired community members in order to create sustainable infrastructures for educational projects whose missions benefit the whole community. These projects also create employment opportunities for dedicated community members who want to see their neighborhood thrive, as well as provide integrative education to all participants and inspiration for more "Haven Projects" to be created based on the needs of the local community.

Welcome to haven's Brain!

This is where we keep our thoughts organized about what projects we are currently working on (active), which are pending outside resources (on hold) and any ideas for new projects that haven't been started yet (ideas). You can view summary info about each project in the notes section at the bottom, as well as find links to detail pages for more info about each project. Please have fun exploring our projects below and expect more info to come as we continue to populate Haven's Brain.

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The integrative well-being of the individual, is paramount.

It is not enough to care for the sick, without educating the healthy. It is not enough to care for others, without caring for one's self. To create true health care, we must identify and understand how nature intended for us to create and maintain our health.

Inspired By:

Douglas Graham

Herbert Shelton

Joshua Rosenthal

Michael Greger - Nutritionfacts.org


The same light that shines upon me must also shine upon my neighbor. Therefor, I cannot care for myself without also caring for my neighbor. In this way, the happier and healthier my neighbor is, the happier and healthier we all are.

Inspired By

Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi
Martin Luther King Junior
URI Center for Peace and Nonviolence Studies


Our environment determines our potential. If we want to increase our potential we must design a system which cares for our environment. If we want to care for ourselves and our loved ones, we must care for our environment. The more work we do to care for our environment, the less work we have to do to care for ourselves.

Inspired By

​Buckminster Fuller

Nikola Tesla

Rudolph Steiner