Have an idea for a community project or program that's about health, beloved community and/or sustainability? Great!


People have great ideas all the time, but without proper support, many of these ideas fizzle out before they even reach the drawing board. Haven wants to be here for support - to turn your ideas into life-changing experiences that bring us all closer together.


Ideas could be turned into Haven Projects as long as they are related to our principles and uphold our ideals as explained on this website. Haven for Humanity can provide various types of support for various types of projects. Therefore, every project proposal is carefully vetted by all Haven Staff before being accepted and added as a Haven Project.


Haven Projects have administrative staff and volunteers that can be both paid and unpaid and are required to operate as professionally as possible, which means they require resources. Resources can be obtained by utilizing a sponsorship from Haven for Humanity, as a 501(c)(3) NY registered charity.

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