Haven for Humanity -501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
Established 2015
Livingston Manor, New York


make a donation!

make a donation!


Haven volunteers are working with Main Street Farm staff to bring you the lowest possible markup (currently, cost / .9), to be added at checkout. Prices and availability are subject to change at our vendors’ discretion.
Don't want to pre-order? Rawmart is working with Main Street Farm to bring you the same low  Rawmart prices in-store!
Call Main Street Farm at (845) 439-4309 to see if we have what you are looking for in stock today!
Highest-Quality Health-Promoting Foods to Those Who Need it Most

Rawmart is our volunteer-operated, community-sponsored wholesale produce buying program in Livingston Manor NY. This program allows all people in the area to buy the highest-quality health-promoting foods at affordable rates for themselves and their families. Our current collaboration with Main Street Farm allows us to offer the highest quality organic and seasonally local produce for close-to wholesale prices. Please note that the current markup (cost / .9) is what was requested by Main Street Farm in order to allow Haven Staff to utilize wholesale distributor access and refrigerator space for Rawmart customers at Main Street Farm. Haven for Humanity receives no financial benefit from operating the Rawmart program besides donations from community members like you. For maximum health benefit, we only carry the freshest, raw produce we can get our hands on and some top-of-the-line healthy foods such as homemade low-sodium lacto-fermented saurkraut. Custom ordering of any amount of food from the food lists is encouraged. With weekly custom pre-ordering of ingredients from local farms and distributors, you can be sure to have just the right fresh ingredients for family dinner each week. Forgot to order something? Stop in at Main Street Farm anytime to see the great selection curated by Haven Volunteers for the same great Rawmart prices!

Special thanks

Thank you so much to our generous customers and donors! We would not be able to run this amazing program for the Catskill area without generous contributions from satisfied community members like yourselves. Together, we will make it easy and affordable to live a healthy, harmonious, addiction-free lifestyle!



To place your order or ask questions, contact us anytime at rawmart@havenforhumanity.org or text/call fred @ (845) 807-3454.

Pickup is 4-6 PM on Thursdays at Main Street Farm in Livingston Manor, NY. Receive a 10% discount on all non-produce items in store during this time! Other pick up times can be arranged if necessary.

Payment is preferred in cash or check, with a fee added for other payment types.

Please, request ANY portion of a case - there is no minimum quantity. We're usually able to complete the case and larger orders almost guarantee completion of full cases.



NOTE: Prices below do NOT include markup

Baldor Food - click here for the current Catalog
New Catalog: tuesdays at 2 PM
deadline: wednesdays at 2 pm

Haven Originals & Bulk - click here FOR the current catalog
*no markup*
Deadline: wednesdays at 2 pm


High-Quality Produce club
100% volunteer operated
funded by your tax-deductible donations