Self-Care Retreats


Even superheroes need a break.

We get it.


Rest, relax and recover at Camp Haven!

The staff ensures that the easiest choices on-site, are always the healthiest, whether it be food, drink, play or productivity, we allow nature to be our guide to health and well-being, limiting exposure to marketing and advertising of any kind.


  • Private access to 40+ acres of the most beautiful wild forests of the Catskill Mountains

  • Forest Bathing and Nature Therapy (ecotherapy) in the great outdoors

  • Surround yourself in a healing environment, curated by Nature

  • Family-friendly, easily traversable land, for all ages

  • Immerse in a community of wholistic healers who hold space for your personal healing journey

  • Discover your center and your own natural balance, away from all the noise of the world

  • Only 2 hours drive from Manhattan

  • Minimalist accommodations are available

  • Volunteer opportunities available during your stay

  • Workshops and classes available

  • Free, unlimited access to seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables included with your stay

  • Access to our community kitchen and all public areas on-site

  • Phone and internet access available in public areas, cell phone service available for most providers

  • 5-day minimum booking


We strive to minimize external influences of marketing and advertising while at Camp Haven, keeping you comfortable and allowing nature to be your guide to greater health and well-being with minimal distractions. Our goal is to provide the environment for maximum rest and recovery.

Group and Family-Friendly, Vegan and Raw-Food Friendly

Take advantage of the free wholistic services offered by Healer's Haven during your stay as well!​

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Each self-care retreat is custom-tailored to fit your needs. Please send us a message using the form below and we will contact you to discuss further details of your trip. Thank you!

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