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Educational Guided Tours

Our tours are much more than just a simple walk-through of our sustainable facilities at Camp Haven. Instead, we give you a walk-through of Haven for Humanity as an organization itself. The tour starts with an introduction to Haven for Humanity's mission and three principles, explaining why we came to the realizations we did, how we came up with Haven as a team and ends with the potentials and possibilities that the future holds for us working with interested people like you. We will walk through some of the Haven Projects happening on-site at Camp Haven as the tour guide explains why each project exists as it does, what the goals and procedures are for each project and what the philosophy is that guides them. Our goal is to make sure that our guests leave us feeling inspired.


Refreshments provided. 


Recommended donation for tours is $10.00 per person.

Tours take approximately 90-minutes and are interactive so please feel free to take notes, take photos and ask lots of questions!

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