Haven's Villagers: Internship Program


Become a professional volunteer and learn to live in harmony with Nature! Are you interested in a life of nonviolence? sustainable living? Renewable energy? Healthy diet and lifestyle? Nature therapy? Food therapy? Raw foods? Tiny homes? Looking to transition to a more responsible lifestyle and don't know where to start? Then Haven's Villagers Project might be just what you're looking for!


Haven's Villagers are the interns working and living on-site at the off-grid, eco-village education center: Camp Haven. In exchange for their active presence, the Villagers receive free, minimalist room and board on-site. There is no previous experience required to join the Villager program, however, the mentality, drive, intention and attention of each prospective Villager is carefully evaluated by Haven Staff during the interview process, before joining. The health and safety of our interns is our top-priority, and any intern may be asked to leave Camp at any time, if Haven Staff feels that the health and safety of the Village is compromised.


Interns participate in chores and operations at Camp Haven each day, as well as with Haven Projects taking place both on-site and off, in order to have an immersive educational experience of living a minimalist, volunteer lifestyle.


Villagers focus on exploring inner-peace and self-care while at Camp, sharing their experiences and transformations with fellow villagers. While not a requirement for participation, most of our villagers are Wholistic Health Professionals in various fields and contribute to the Center for Self-Care Project, while on-site. The Center for Self-Care Project was established for Villagers, by Villagers, as a way of protecting the sanctity of Camp Haven, by keeping unhealthy temptations like junk food, television and marketing gimmicks, away from communal areas. Guidelines for the Center for Self-Care can be discussed during the preliminary introduction to the program. Villagers also play host to interested guests who come to visit and learn about health, community and sustainability at Camp Haven, whether it be overnight campers or day-students.


The main inspiration for most people joining our Villagers program, is their drive to live a more sustainable lifestyle with a more active understanding of their own body, mind, heart and soul. For interns to explore and experience what self-care means to them, The Center for Self-Care Project supersedes all others, ensuring our interns are always giving back from a place of peace, love and abundance. Villagers on-site understand that our top priority is always self-care. Our interns are never required to do anything that they are not willing and wanting to do. This ensures that when we work with Haven Projects, we are working from a place of peace, love and abundance. We currently accept anywhere from 20-30 interns during warmer seasons and 8-10 during Winter months.

For more information or to apply to be a Villager, please fill out the form on the right side of this page or call us at (845)807-7407 and talk to a real person today!

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