Deanna Liebman
Certified Reiki Master 


Our volunteers are what make Haven possible. From joining our Cooperative Volunteer Program and living with us here at Haven Catskills Campground, to participating in our Volunteer Corps. or Haven Ambassador Program.

Haven for Humanity is here to build sustainable, healthy communities. Together, we hope to demonstrate that we can live the way Nature intended for us to live. We believe that by using high technology objectively, we can quickly transition ourselves to a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle that can change the lives of all future generations. In order for our plan to succeed, we must educate the public as to how to most efficiently use tools and technology to their advantage. We strategically avoid the creation of unnatural dependencies and promote an addiction-free lifestyle, while growing people's creative capacities and natural strengths. To speak in broader terms, we use high technology for what it was destined to do; building healthy and sustainable neighborhoods. We will partner with people and businesses alike in order to promote natural living, strong community networks and sustainable technologies throughout the world. We will start with our pilot location, 'Haven Catskills Campground' in the small town of Livingston Manor, New York.

Haven for Humanity's aim is to develop community-sponsored, neighborhood support centers that can be recreated and established in any intentional-community around the world. Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where each individual’s health, well-being, and happiness is a top priority, as we work together, to rediscover our natural human potential.

Andrew Kraynik
Treasurer. World Traveler, Accountant and Permaculture Design Certified

Noel Steffens
Music aficionado. Handy Man.

2002 - First family venture called The Internet Lounge Cafe opened in Fanwood New Jersey serving organic food and educating the public.

2006 - The Internet Lounge Cafe closes and research on a new, off-grid endeavor begins.

2011 - The Kovalyov Family purchased 40 acres of wooded land in Livingston Manor NY and began development of Project: Dome Land.

2012 - The Kovalyov Family gives up their home in NJ and moves into a camper on-site in NY. The team builds out the first and most important structure on the property, the Bio-Dome.

2013 - The team builds out the foundations for all of the proposed structures and completes construction of metal workshop structure.

2014 - The team completes interior of greenhouse and begins construction of central dome complex.

2015 - Sam Kovalyov has a vision for utilizing the property for a symbiotic, sustainable business plan whose main purpose is to benefit those involved. Haven for Humanity 501(c)(3) is formed and property is donated.

2016 - The Center for Harmony Complex exterior is completed and further business development is done.

Veronica Osmonov

Organization History

Leeanna Maniace
Licensed Yoga Instructor, Farmer.

Greg Castro
Musician, Sound Engineer.

recent programs

Our Rawmart program has brought affordable high-quality health-promoting food to dozens of needy families in the Sullivan County area, and beyond.

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Fred Kovalyov
Financial Director, Functional Fitness Expert, Natural Hygienist.

About Us

Kristin Parsons

Haven Ambassadors

Cooperative volunteer staff

Eugene Thalmann
Licensed Nutritionist, Chemist, Farmer.

David Rappaport
Advisor. Masters in Public Administration and Certified Project Manager

Sam Kovalyov
Executive Director. Certified Integrative Nutritionist, Plant-Based Nutritionist, Natural Hygienist.

Board of Directors

Jessica Adamson
Visual artist. 

Alex Kovalyov
Director of Philosophy, Pain Managment Specialist

Maya Kovalyov
President. Wall Street Manager for over 20 years, mother of two, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, CVP Staff.

mission & vision

To inspire humanity towards a symbiotic relationship with Nature.

Haven for Humanity -501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
Established 2015
Livingston Manor, New York